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Not so content!

This part was supposed to have somekind of useful content. But nobody came up with content.

If you've got an idea for contnet, please send it to us. So we could have content

Also this does not work on mobile devices so well, because x amount of too less pixels turns into not showing this box, nor the gondola content.

Gondola content is the best content there is.

Also Mass Effect is very good game trilogy. The CEO is quite interesteted about Mass Effect Armadillo.

What do we do?


We provide streaming services to twitch and so for mainly LAN parties. We also can build the local area network of gaming tournaments. We are associate of Heartbeat Lan and Gaming Barracks


Just this one at the moment. Also several hidden pages on this domain. A beer to the one who finds them all.


We like to think that we know what we are doing, and by seeming like we know what we are doing, we give the impression that we know what we are doing, and that's what we want, people to think that we know what we are doing.

History bit

The name "DreamTram HC" came to be on second year university lesson when the teacher read "dream team HC" as "Dream Tram HC" and it just kind of stuck with us.
Autumn 2015 we got gifted old scrubby dual core lagtop with broken screen, so had the idea to cram more RAM into it and call it a server. So far it has served the purpose of running bunch of stuff quite well. We have Teamspeak, minecraft, apache, mumble and many more. Nobody keeps track what stuff we actually have installed.

Contact us!

You can contact us best via email: contact@dthc.fi
We also seem to have a facebook page: DTHC in Facebook

Who we are?

Bunch of friends with an idea, at least that's what they told me. We are essentially what Trump is in politics, a joke gone way too far.


The CEO of DreamTram HC. Does not honestly know what he is doing, and just rolls with it. Is really bad with money ("really, really, REALLY bad with money" -The VP), bought old IBM system server from germany, more ram for it and cpu's that didn't even work. Was really good in math at compherensive school, but something happened so barely passed high school math. Also has small projects like the "SerFX" also a firewall to be built into PS2 with "mITX hardware". Earlier project was "ghettobox". Is the biggest rat that has ever existed.


The Vice President. Some say he is the artistic talent, but the CEO is not impressed much, even tho they go to same classes at the university. Loves witcher games to bits and his shoe size seems to be around 46eu (He actually took his shoe off to check that fact! Such dedication) Lives far away from the central, so thats a minus I suppose. Does not actually have the pineapple haircut.


The network wizard. Knows so much about networking and bunch of other stuff. Some say that he and the CEO are friends, but that is debateable. Is the biggest man of them all (physically at least). Likes to be a wizeguy but sometimes (always) gets shot down. He likes 'murica cars like a redneck, but is actually from a wealthy family. Has two sisters, at least. Also many dogs at the family ranch. Has a single "mega gold star"


The code-monkey. Is the roommate of the CEO, they live in a huge drug mansion at the central. Loves to code way too much, that he hates to code, but it is the only thing he knows how to do so code code code on! Quite the womanizer. Hobbies include coding, alcohol, coding, more coding. Suggested not to enter his room, too many coding.


The HR manager. Does not actually manage the human resources, so it's just a title (Come to think of it, all of these are mere titles with no real meaning!) A childhood friend of the CEO. Lives at the capital, studies making deus-ex hands and that kind of stuff. Proprably is the most sensible of the group formarly known as "DTHC".


The Discord manager. He is the discord manager if we are to believe the bios. Supposedly studies IT at off-site location near the shoreline. Met the CEO at compherensive school, befriended in high school when this guy accidentally enlisted there. Go figure that out. Also long math, supposedly passed it also, barely. What's with all the math here?


The intern. He is the lowliest and newest member of the DreamTram HC at the moment. Is part of the off-site location crew, and mainly appears at the LAN parties. Has also built a suitcase PC, even more ghetto than the one the CEO built. Also adept at awesome, pretty good at reinhart in overwatch.


The quota foreigner. The actual mastermind behind the website DESIGN, aka how stuff looks. Has nothing to do with the content, and possibly would deny any affiliations with this group at all. Like c'mon, doesn't even live in the same country as the rest! Nobody knows the real identity of this person. Do not try to find it.


The secretary She is the quota female in DreamTram HC, and was asked to kindly draw all the logos and whatnot for the website. Is part of the DnD gang that JayTee leads as the Dungeon Mustard, whilist Serpent plays a ranger, whom wishes to have a flying snake. Hey, our secretary actually got an arts degree! Not many can say the same.

all of the above has been written by the CEO, and is totally not the official statement given by the DTHC.